Classic Aerobatic Articles

These aericles have been reproduced from magazines that are no longer commercially available. Copyright for each article remains with the publisher.

Article Author Year Source
1973 World Aerobatic Championships Report   1973/11 RCM&E
1978 FAI Schedule   1978/2 RM
Aerocrat Bill Simmonds 1970/8 RM
Art of Knife Edge Flight Maurice Franklin 1967/8 RCM&E
Atlas Wolfgang Matt 1976/6 RCM&E
Arrow Wolfgang Matt 1980/6 MAN
Astro Hog Fred Dunn 1958/4 MAN
Banshee Jim Martin 1971/9 Flying Models
Bar-Fli Phil Kraft 1967/12 RCM&E
Blue Angel - Yoshioka - Profile of a World Champion Tsugutaka Yoshioka 1974/4 AAM/MAN
Centurion Dennis Hammant 1974/4 RCM&E
Clipper 3 Chick Holland 1971/1 RM
Concept 5-84 Clive Weller 1984/12 RM
Curare Hanno Prettner 1976/12 MAN
Curare Hanno Prettner 1977 RCM&E
Daddy Rabbit Jim Whitley 1967/5 MAN
Deja-Vue Ron Russell 1976/4 RM
Delphin Fritz Bosch 1966/8 RCM&E
DFH15 Bengt Lundstrom 1974/11 RCM&E
Diamond 40 Tony Wright 1979/3 RM
Dirty Birdy Joe Bridi   RCM
Equaliser Stuart Foster 1969/4 RCM&E
Fire-Fli Phil Kraft 1972/4 RCM&E
Flea-Fli Phil Kraft 1968/12 RCM&E
Illusion Andy Nichols 1991/1 RM
Jetta Mike Delacole 1981/6 RCM&E
Kaos 60 Joe Bridi 1970 RCM
Kaos 90> Dewey Newbold and James Cummings 1984/11 MAN
Knife Edge Sandy Morrison 1970/5 RM
Kwik-Fli 3 to 4 Conversion article Phil Kraft 1969/12 RCM&E
Kwik-Fli 3 - 40th Anniversary - Reflex XTR Discussion and Evaluation Burkhard Erdlenbruch 2007/10 Private
Magic Hanno Prettner 1982/4 RCM&E
Marabu Bruni Giezendanner 1970/1 RCM&E
Mercura Clive Weller 1982/8 RM
Mongoose 2 Harold & Tracy Ackeret 1983/3 RC Modeler
Moonglow Mike Birch 1968/9 RM
New Era 40 Lee Renaud 1984/1 RC Modeler
New Era III (25) Lee Renaud   RC Modeler
Norseman III R E Chapman 1964/2 RC Modeler
Rapier Pete Malone 1970/3 RM
Shrike Bob Violett 1974/1 AAM
Slik-Fli Phil Kraft 1969/11 RCM&E
Snark Bob Bowman 1972/1 RM
Spectre Dennis Hammant 1967/6 RM
Spitpanzer Richard Brand 1970/3 RCM&E
Striker Peter Russell 1970/11 RCM&E
Styx Pierre Marrot 1970/6 RCM&E
Super Sicroli Hanno Prettner 1974/8 RCM&E
Super Kaos Joe Bridi 1973/5 RC Modeler
SuperStar 1 Wolfgang Matt 1970/2 RCM&E
SuperStar 2 Wolfgang Matt 1972/2 RCM&E
Tiger Tail Ron Chidgey 1973/4 RCM&E
Tiger Tail Ron Chidgey 1972/3 MAN
Titan Clive Weller 1978/5 RM
Tuned Pipes Kevin Linsey 1978/10 RCM&E
Turnaround Aerobatics Clive Weller 1983/1 RM
Twister Doug Spreng 1968/2 RM
Upset 2 Chris Olsen 1968/4 RCM&E

This list is not exhaustive, we would welcome any additional links that you may find plus any corrections or gaps that you can fill.

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